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Monday, 17 January 2022

Cam Sawzin's "Kickboxing Cellist" Masterclass

Cam Sawzin’s Kickboxing Cellist” Masterclass
Not a kickboxing class but a cello masterclass using sports modalities and proven


“Kickboxing is about connecting upper and lower body, balance and creating an efficient kinetic chain. It uses concepts and similar motions seen in healthy, relaxed and expressive cello playing.”




Find out how a right hook is similar to a fast up bow and a left hook like an upward shift—as in boxing they are circular motions.


• Basic principles of kickboxing with short lesson

• Left hand Releases incorporating back and shoulder blades

• Vibrato- different speeds and widths with demonstrations and coaching


Discover how to slide down with lats and shoulder blades to counteract lifting with shoulders, thus releasing tension and creating a resonant full sound especially at the upper half of the bow.


By lining up elbow and wrist you’ll learn to balance weight on your playing finger without pressing to discover more overtones.


• Basic shifting principles including shifting from feet and hips

• Bow technique and sound production and relaxation • Questions and answers


The class will be offered at the Lexington Music School at Munroe Center for the Arts, 1403 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington on Tuesday September 14th at 6pm on Zoom and on Sunday September 18th in-person (and on Zoom) at Lexington Music School  at 3pm.  Contact Cam via email/cell (below)

Cam Sawzin has trained at Juilliard, Oberlin, and The New England Conservatory of Music.
She is a busy, Boston-based freelance cellist with 30 years of teaching experience. For more details contact:

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  !" cell: 617-797-2307


The Lexington Music School, founded by Epp Sonin in 1985, offers music instruction for students at various levels. Lessons and workshops are given by highly qMunroe Center for the Artsualified and dedicated teachers. Each faculty member of Lexington Music School coordinates his/her own class of students including setting times and fees. The Lexington Music School, as part of its mission, awards some scholarships and is involved in many community outreach services and programs including internships, benefit concerts and community workshops.

The Lexington Music School is located in the Munroe Center for the Arts building in Lexington, Massachusetts.


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