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Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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Lexington Music School offers piano classes for children between the age of six and eleven. These classes consist of between six and eight students. Each class meets once a week for approximately 45 minutes of intensive and enjoyable learning. Students learn not only to read and play music, but to listen, do ensemble work, recognize patterns, memorize and participate in a mature learning atmosphere with high standards and expectations. Hard work and laughter are important components of class.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

First Year: Material Covered:

  1. Warm-Up:  simple technique exercises
  2. Scales',  contrary and parallel motion
  3. Chord Progressions: in 4- part harmony
  4. Simple Melodies:
        • (a) first sung using fixed do position solfege
        • (b) then sung and played on keyboards
        • (c) add chords (root and inverted)
        • (d) then a. b and c combined
        • (e) transposed
  5. Reading.   Introduced midway through the first semester, using books like Pageants Waxman). Folk Songs (Bastien), and others.
  6. Ear Training and Ensemble Playing
  7. Repertoire ranging from Bach to popular song

Second Year: Materials Covered:

  1. Continued work on technique, scales, and chord progression
  2. Introduce simple harmonic analysis and accompaniment styles using folk songs
  3. Compose simple songs in minor and major keys.
  4. Expand repertoire: materials depend on class level and speed

Third Year

In the third year of lessons the teaching style changes.    We move to advanced, smaller classes with possible private lessons included.

Materials include sonatinas and other pieces from traditional piano literature.  Students also learn chord symbols and continue with music theory.  All students are encouraged to take up orchestral or band instruments through public school or private studies.


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